What We Stand for

People who do business with us quickly come to understand that we are committed to a number of core values, which are inherent in the way we operate. These values are:

Family — Family values are important to us at DiBuduo & DeFendis. Our company began because of a life-long friendship between our founders. We treat our clients and our staff as family. We have clients and employees who have been with the agency for 30 years and more as a result.

Integrity — Doing what is right and always acting in good faith is a foundation of every successful business. Doing what you say you are going to do is proof of integrity.

Trust — Creating trust comes from acting in good faith and doing what is in the best interest of our clients. It comes from respecting each other and being dependable.

Community Involvement — Being active in and supporting the communities in which we are located is important to us. It is part of being a good citizen and giving back.

Best People — We hire the best people we can for every position. We provide our employees with the tools and training to do their jobs as best they can and to be proactive with their clients, helping to solve client concerns and issues.

Leadership — As one of California’s largest and fastest growing independent insurance agencies, we are committed to be on the leading edge of insurance in the state. Whether it’s through training, securing unique lines of coverage or developing new resources, we are dedicated to be at the forefront to make a difference for our clients.

Service Excellence — Quality service at DiBuduo & DeFendis is real and a major part of who we are. We teach our staff to listen carefully to clients and to act responsibly, timely and go beyond what is expected.