Labor Postings

The postings below have been obtained from the California Department of Industrial Relations Website. In addition to the posters available on our website, you will need No Smoking signage and Notice of Workers Compensation Carrier and Coverage. The Notice of Workers Compensation Carrier and Coverage can be found with your policy. If you would like to visit the website where the postings were obtained, please visit: VIEW PAGE

Core Posters – All Employers

  • Posters all employers are required to have

Additional Postings Based on Industry

  • All Employers with 50 or more Employees and All Public Agencies
  • All Employers with five – 49 Employees
  • All Employers who employ H-2 Employees
  • All Farm Laborer Industries
  • Employers who fall under the Reorganization Act
  • Federally Funded or Assisted Contracts
  • Federally Funded or Assisted Contracts over $100,000
  • Forklifts and other types of Industrial trucks or tow trucks
  • Forklifts and other types of Industrial trucks or tow trucks – Spanish
  • Government Agencies
  • Hazardous or Toxic Chemical Handling
  • Public Works Awarding Bodies and Contractors
  • Pesticide Handlers

Industrial Welfare Commission Orders (IWCO’s)

Listed below are the 17 different IWC Orders of which every employer must post the posters that are necessary for their industry. An employer may require more than one poster depending on the type of work activities are being conducted by the employees.

Classification of IWC Orders

  • Article 1 – Manufacturing Industry
  • Article 2 – Personal Service Industry
  • Article 3 – Canning, Freezing and Preserving Industry
  • Article 4 – Professional, Technical, Clerical, Mechanical and Similar Occupations
  • Article 5 – Public Housekeeping Industry
  • Article 6 – Laundry, Linen Supply Dry Cleaning and Dyeing Industry
  • Article 7 – Mercantile Industry
  • Article 8 – Industries Handling Products After Harvest
  • Article 9 – Transportation Industry
  • Article 10 – Amusement and Recreation Industry
  • Article 11 – Broadcasting Industry
  • Article 12 – Motion Picture
  • Article 13 – Industries Preparing Agricultural Products for Market on the Farm
  • Article 14 – Agricultural Occupations
  • Article 15 – Household Occupations
  • Article 16 – Certain On-Site Occupations the Construction, Drilling, Logging, and Mining Industries
  • Article 17 – Miscellaneous Employeesyeing-Industry-Eng.pdf]

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