Think you are covered? Think again!

  • Contingent Business Income
  • Loss of Business / Business Income
  • Injuries to Customers and General Public
  • Cyber Theft
  • Workplace Violence
  • Employment Practices
  • Property Damage and Theft
  • Marine Stock Throughput
  • Crisis Management / Public Relations

Most retailers and wholesalers believe their current liability insurance package is sufficient, when in fact IT’S NOT. A crisis comes in many shapes and forms from environmental, breach of network and information security, construction mishaps, overseas manufacturing and shipping disruption and more, which can lead to financially devastating losses, lawsuits, even bankruptcy.

How do you know if you’re covered?

Contact us at D&D and we’ll do a complete assessment and review of your current coverage at no cost to you. We’ll provide you with a report that shows where you might be vulnerable as well as options offered by D&D to protect you and your company.

Safety Tips For Restaurants: download PDF

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