Workers’ Compensation

Risk Control and Workers’ Compensation – D&D’s specialized services reduce employer exposure and lower insurance costs.

Are you doing everything possible to reduce Workers’ Compensation claims?

Ask yourself the following about your business:

  • Have we reduced workplace hazards?
  • Do we have an Injury & Illness Prevention Program?
  • How’s our history of losses? Potential for losses?
  • Do we have active training and certification programs for management and employees?
  • When was the last time our insurance costs went down?

The Loss Control Department at D&D will partner with you to develop effective workplace safety strategies that minimize losses and prevent injuries. D&D believes that our safety and risk management services help reduce client exposure and ultimately lower insurance costs.

Get informed.

Contact us at D&D and we’ll do a complete assessment and review of your exposure and Workers’ Compensation program. We’ll provide you with a report that shows where you might be vulnerable as well as options offered by D&D to protect you and your company.

Services offered to Workers’ Compensation policyholders:

  • Claims management solutions
  • Training for employers on claims Issues
  • Return to work programs
  • Development of medical provider panels
  • First aid training
  • Claims reviews

For more information, please call 800-284-8247.